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Swim Team

Life Academy's Swim Team is our competitive USA Swimming program. Our team is in partnership with AAC (Academy Aquatics Club) in Tampa.  AAC is the #1 competitive swim program in the state and is partnered with ABRFC through the Sultenfuss & Greenwell Family's relationship with AAC and competitive swimming in the state of FL since the 70s.

Come try out our swim team for a week and make sure it’s a good fit for you before you sign up.  Our coaches run challenging workouts yet do not neglect the importance of proper form and stroke development. It doesn’t benefit anyone to practice doing something incorrectly.  The goal of our workouts is to get the most quality work and conditioning out of our athletes while developing the work ethic and skill set necessary for a successful high school career and college scholarship.

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Teenager swimming


PreTeam is our developmental swim team, divided into 3 levels of endurance and skill mastery. Swimmers learn freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly and are introduced to competition. They also track their progress at monthly “mini meets”, in house swim competitions against their peers.

PreTeam does a great job of introducing work ethic and commitment, as practice is never easy. Some days swimmers don’t want to workout, but are encouraged to show up and give it 100%, even on the tough days. This is where character and work ethic are built and a path to success is laid out - in and out of the pool.  PreTeam is a great way to develop a strong foundation to excel on higher level swim teams.

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